Saturday Reflection

Saturday reflection

A time for reflection and prayer

Saturday Reflection used to take place in the Hurtado Jesuit Centre in Wapping, but now has moved to Zoom. Each meeting consists of an introduction to the theme for the day, often a reding from scripture, but sometimes taken from nearby feasts or seasons, such as Advent, Easter, etc.

The introduction is followed by a time for shared reflecion on the theme or the reading, and then there is a time for about half an hour of silent prayer. Then a time for shared reflection on the prayer time, though no-one has to say anything at this point.

Each session is led by someone who is experienced in prayer in the school of Saint Ignatius.

Saturday Reflection begins at 10.00am on the fourth Saturday of each month, and runs for about an hour and a half.

Getting in touch . .

Saturday Reflection does not have a website of its own, so if you would like to receive a link to the next Saturday reflection
please click here. (but if that doesn't work email